My grandma was a hairdresser. When I was a little girl I’ve spend a lot of time in her salon observing her work. She did a magic with her clients hairs and made women smiling and glowing. I was always looking for what I can do for my family and friends to make them healthy, happy and relaxed. To be able to help them I’ve learnt reflexology, massage and aromatherapy. As food technologist I combine my knowledge and heart to share with my family good nutrients, taste and love.

I couldn’t stop in searching for something what would be for Me, something I would have pleasure and benefit from. I’m so thankful having the opportunity to learn Face Yoga method. I can switch off from other life roles and be the most important person for me. During last 2 years Face Yoga was a part of my daily routine and in February 2020 I was Certified Face Yoga Method Teacher by Fumiko Takatsu.

Face yoga program is really more than you can predict base on the name. You are welcome to join me on this journey to discover Your external and internal beauty. Face Yoga is effective, fun and simple. Results are noticed!

I believe I have my grandma’s genes to work with the same passion to transform woman faces. I’m Polish and I had never thought I could live in other country but now two years past since I live in the UK.