As Easy As You Think

I offer all kinds of classes to support you with any needs you may have. Offering from group workshop to specially tailored one to one classes

How it Works

  1. Take a session with me your teacher
  2. Practice at home

Find 10 min during the day

Use a mirror to correct your pores

Relax and and enjoy your workout


Taking into account your life style, facial areas of concerns and offer you an exclusive consultation. Private lesson can be booked at any time and individually tailored to your needs.

I will share with you the Face Yoga method approach and develop a specific exercise program for you.

Online Live Classes

The Online Live Classes allow you to be part of a group without leaving the comfort of your home. During that block of classes, I will introduce you to the Face Yoga Method, explain and practise with you the Face Yoga poses and share some essential lifestyle tips.

The group is limited to eight participants to give each one of you the time you deserve. The course runs for four weeks, during which time we will meet once a week for 45 mins- followed by 15 min Q&A. After class I will send you the summary of exercises, which you can practise at home.


During "Themed Class" we will focus on specific areas of the face: Forehead, Eyes, Cheeks, Mouth Area. Jawline and Neck.

You will go away with a variety of tools and workouts to reshape your face and practise it in your day to day life.

1:1 Session

£ 55 - Initial Meeting

Initial Meeting 75mins – £55

Follow up Session 60min – £40

Set of Four Sessions – £155

Online Class

£80 per Person

4 weeks x 60 min class

4 sessions, £80 per person

(3-8 people)


Prices Vary

Themed workshops (5-10 people) prices may vary per workshop enquire for more details.